Welcome to Doctor Prachi
Dr. Prachi is a doctor based in Pune. She is the owner of Doctor Prachi Lifestyle Nutrition & Beauty Clinic Pune, India. She completed her Bachelor's in Ayurved Medicine & Surgery. She has completed her Master's Degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. Having immense passion for healthy lifestyle she has also completed "Diploma in Yoga" so as to help her patients for healthy body. .

Good nutrition is an most important part of Leading a healthy lifestyle. Joined with physical activity, your diet can assist you with reaching and maintain a healthy weight, healthy body & healthy mind & minimize your risks of chronic sickness and promote your overall health.

With these healthy and balanced food plans & Lifestyle Management Consultation you will begin experiencing great energy level, improvement in your metabolic rate and sound body. Doctor Prachi Clinic is a leading combined healthcare delivery service provider in Pune. The healthcare stands of the company mainly comprise Ayurvedic Hospital, Yoga Specialist, Lifestyle consultant, Cosmetology as well as Clinical Nutrition.

Currently the Clinic operates its Healthcare area i.e. Cosmetology as well as Clinical Nutritionist services in Pune, Maharashtra in a following areas-

1. Calorie controlled/weight loss diets

2. Cardiac diets

3. Diabetes

4. High Fibre diets

5. Low sodium diets

Specialty Interest:

1. Various Disease related Nutritional plans.

2. Lifestyle Coaching for corporate sector.

3. Nutrition & Beauty related sessions for models & pageant contestants.


1. Practicing as Doctor & Indian Diet Consultant.

2. Professional Model.

3. Miss Pune 2'nd Runner Up.

4.Mrs India Universe finalist.

5. Worked as "Official Nutrition & Beauty Expert" for "Miss Scuba India 2019".

6. Won " Nari Shakti award 2019" by Aapla Awaj news channel.

7. Shoots for Citadel and Femina Magazines.

8. Miss Body Beautiful subtitle winner in Miss Personality Pune. As well as in Fashion Diva.

9. Experiance of more than 12 Beauty Pageants.

Health total is all about bringing wellbeing and prosperity to the regular human through common and logical methods.

According to Doctor Prachi, Ayurveda provides plans to a wide scope of sicknesses. Ayurveda as we know that, is the truest treatment option, which has no side effect and has proved in the modern pretext.