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Doctor Prachi treats various beauty related problems such as acne, pimples & various skin problems along with hair problems. To maintain natural beauty she prescribes you medication which helps you internally & cosmetics prepared using natural extracts from medicinal plants which gives you a perfect natural product for your daily use externally.

Beauty Care is dynamic in the Branded Consumer Goods just as the expert Beauty Care Brand. We need to keep extending our advancement initiative in the develop showcases so as to further develop our offer there. Doctor Prachi Beauty Care represents a brand-name product in the fields of Beauty Pageants, Modelling Industry highclass models & normal simple people her products such as
1. Soap
2. Hair Oil
3. Lip Balm
4. Face Mask
5. Creams
6. Various gels like Alove vera gel & Rose petal gel are very famous.

Eye Cream

Eye Cream:

Under-eye cream items are utilized to decrease puffiness, decrease wrinkles, and diminish dark circles. The skin under your eye is very fragile compared to the rest of your face and your body.

Its delicate state originates from a nonappearance and decreased nearness of sebaceous organs, collagen and elastin filaments. Thus, extra care is needed when using products on this sensitive area. It is likewise frequently the main area on the face to give indications of maturing, which gives way to popular consumer demand for under eye cream products.

Charcoal Mask

Charcoal Mask:

The charcoal mask is the most recent buzz in the beauty world. These masks are known for detoxifying your skin and giving it a smoother and more glowing appearance. Why this mask is a must-have in your beauty in your magnificence system.

A major reason for your skin concerns is Pollution these days. The polluting influences stop up your pores and which results in a dull composition. Charcoals help in removing dirt, from the pores and give your skin an intensive purifying. These masks also control the oil emission in your skin, making it perfect for skin inclined to pimples and skin inflammation.

lip balm

Finding the best lip balm though round all-round lip care:

The ingredients in your lip balm can have affected the impact it has on your lips – search for a lip balm that best meets your requirement.

To find the best item for you, it's essential to set up what impact you need the lip balm to have on your lips. your lips tend to suffer from outrageous dryness, choose an item with seriously saturating properties and fixings like shea butter and almond oil. Lip balm like Product Name might be a good decision for much more extravagant care.

In the event that, you prefer lighter and increasingly ordinary equation that absorbs effectively and won't leave any sort of sheen to the lips, a lip balm with Aloe Vera like Product Name may be exactly what you're searching for.

Face Wash:

Face Wash:

There's nothing more bad than that tight feeling you can get soon after you wash your face. That is the reason we created a scope of face washes that cleanse and care for your skin.

There's nothing superior to anything an refreshing, rejuvenating purify to wake us up, and an relaxing, superly intensive everyday practice before bed. Our Product Name equation ventures profoundly into our skin – and when we say deep, we mean it: injecting it with supplements and hydration so it looks and feels delightfully plump.

Whatever your skin needs, regardless of whether you need a face wash for oily skin or to remove make-up, we know a certain something: when you attempt Product Name Wash you won't return. Whatever your skin needs, whether you want a face wash for oily skin or to remove make-up, we know one thing: once you try product name Face Wash you won’t go back.

Skin care:

Skin care:

In this day, there is an expanding requirement for more secure, progressively common and all the more straightforwardly delivered items that improve your excellence as well as your spirit as well.

Industrial skin care product contain a ton of materials toxic chemicals that harm us through pollution. They advertise their items under the heading "common" when the real items additionally contain a many chemical that may affect the body.

Our Ayurvedic product skin moisturizing items are activated with a hygiene product and encourage you to regain that buoyancy with each step.

Flying, absence of rest, stress and not drinking enough water can prompt got dried out skin. Revive and rehydrate with Product Name, creams, sun insurance, and cosmetics.

Hair Care:

Hair Care:

Go to Product name hair care for items that feed hair for quite a while. From cleanser to hair covers and styling items, we have all that you requirement for supported, delightful hair.

The product's name is something other than delightful hair shine and guarantee, with items of care. This is real, ongoing care that goes on. It can count on you. Since the most amazing hair is sound hair, we have joined the Propelled Hair Care Science which provides both instant results and dynamic sustenance for hair that improves and improves after some time. Therefore, there is no more slipping between unbelievable looking hair and it is being thought about.

Also, to prop that care up appropriate to the part of the arrangement, we've made styling items that support just as keep your hair looking amazing.